The introduction of cryptocurrency exchanges and Decentralized Finance has revamped the crypto market over the most recent few years. Various turns of events and progressed choices were bestowed by the platforms of DeFi exchanges to put forward the exchange of digital forms of money like Resource tokenization, Crypto credits, and so on. Crypto derivatives are one such astonishing service provided on the exchanges.
The last report distributed by the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance presumed that there were more crypto brokers than any other time, with more than 35 out of 139 million cryptocurrency money accounts ID-checked clients, which could be considered as controlled trades' clients and accordingly considered as dynamic crypto merchants.
Due to the pandemic, many have lost their jobs, so everyone wanted to find a way of earning from home. “Trading” was an easy decision for all, even for those not properly trained or educated to trade especially cryptocurrency futures derivatives trading. This leads to catastrophic loss of funds due to high volatility.
People who don't have access to the knowledge necessary for crypto trading have lost a significant amount of funds in the 2021 crypto crash. Most people are modest crypto traders who find it easier to access trading apps on their mobile phones yet they don't have a good knowledge of trading. So our solution is not only in providing crypto trading awareness but also in helping the people who lost their funds in trading.
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